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Here’s what they’re saying about Walkin’ Nashville:

A rich retelling of Nashville's musical history. Throughout the tour, Bill DeMain drew on his own journalistic research along with the sort of nuanced knowledge you can really only absorb by sticking around long enough to collect the stories, see successive waves of change and develop a sense of how to interpret it all.

—CMT Edge

Bill DeMain is a musician, a journalist, and on his brilliant tours, a walking encyclopedia of all things Nashville.

—Olly Smith, BBC 1 Television

Bottom line: Bill lives and breathes music, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of country, pop and rock history. Which is why his latest venture, Walkin’ Nashville, has us so excited. This is a no-brainer for music tourists, but also the perfect staycation treat for locals.

—Nashville Scene

DeMain, a longtime resident who possesses a wealth of music knowledge, is the ideal guide for showing folks the sunny and the seedy of the Nashville Sound.

—TN Ledger

Whether you live here or are visiting here, you’ll learn something new about Nashville’s music history. Walk, learn and listen.

—365 Nashville

Bill DeMain peels back the current facades and helps you see the true reason for Nashville's reputation and vitality. When knowledge and experience is as deep as Bill's, the delivery is fresh and honest; you sense he's in discovery mode every day.

—Trip Advisor